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Welcome to Beyond The Pond! We’re two massive Phish fans who are using the music of Phish to introduce you to new and interesting music we think you’ll love! Because we love the Phish. We are Phish fans. But sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone and go beyond the pond. A proud member of the Osiris Podcast Network.

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    Bonus: Top Albums of 2012

    In This Bonus Episode we take a look back at the year 2012 and discuss our favorite albums of the year.

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    Episode 064: Augusta Reba

    In Episode 064 we discuss the dim and expansive version of "Reba" from Augusta, Maine on October 19, 2010.

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    Bonus: Top Albums of 2011

    In this Bonus Episode we take a look back at the year 2011 and discuss our favorite albums of the year.

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    Episode 063: The Listening Key w/ Chris Forsyth

    In Episode 063 we're joined by one of our favorite guitarists, who released one of our favorite albums of 2019 so far, Chris Forsyth (@TheChrisForsyth). Within a packed episode we discuss Chris's winding career, influences, specifically the impact of Television and Neil Young & Crazy Horse on his style, his recent set with Garcia Peoples, his intimate Philly venue, Jerry's On Front, and much more.

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    Episode 062: Deeper Into Tengo w/ Jesse Jarnow

    In Episode 062 we're joined by Jesse Jarnow (@bourgwick) to discuss one of our favorite bands of all time: Yo La Tengo. We've long wanted to dive deep into the history, live show experience, B-Sides, influences, and enduring legacy of Yo La Tengo, and were stoked to sit down with one of our favorite writers, radio hosts, and fellow Osiris Podcaster (Alternate Routes) for the episode.

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    Episode 061: You Gotta Heal w/ Tim Showalter

    In Episode 061 we're joined by one of our favorite songwriters, Tim Showalter, the beating heart of Strand Of Oaks, for a wide-ranging conversation about his Phish fandom, his overall career arc, the music that's influenced him, favorite brands of seltzer, and what he's been listening to recently. If you've ever been moved by his music, you will certainly find a ton to sink your teeth into here. If you've never heard Strand Of Oaks, you're in for a treat as Tim's music is something of an amalgamation of everything we love here at BTP.

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    Episode 060: Kiel Auditorium Dark Star w/ Jonathan Hart

    In Episode 060 we're joined once again by Jonathan Hart (@rowj), host of the Brokedown Podcast (@BrokdownPod) to discuss our very first Grateful Dead jam, the "Dark Star" from the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, MO, on October 30, 1973.

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    Episode 059: Pete's Phabulous Curtain With

    In Episode 059 we step back to 1988 to discuss a fascinating version of "The Curtain With." Featuring a disjointed swirling guitar jam, a legitimate "Dave's Energy Guide," and a preview of the ways in which Phish would break from their song structures to craft wholly original music in a live setting within five years time.

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    Bonus: Top Albums of 2010

    In this Bonus Episode we take a look back at the year 2010 and discuss our favorite albums of the year.

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    Episode 058: Mexican Classic Rock Radio w/ Matt Dwyer

    In Episode 058 we take stock of the recent Phish Mexico Run, focusing on one of our favorite jams of the run, the "Carini," as well as the accompanying "Tweezer -> Ghost -> Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S." segment that felt like most purely fun part of the entire weekend. To do all this, we're joined by our good friend, and fellow podcaster, Matt Dwyer (@mdphunk) of The Helping Friendly Podcast. We dive deep into the experience of seeing Phish in Mexico, as Matt has been to both the 2016 & 2019 runs, before discussing the run as a whole.

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