Beyond The Pond
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Welcome to Beyond The Pond! We’re two massive Phish fans who are using the music of Phish to introduce you to new and interesting music we think you’ll love! Because we love the Phish. We are Phish fans. But sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone and go beyond the pond. A proud member of the Osiris Podcast Network.

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    Episode 033: U2 w/ Ryan Nichols (Boy - Zooropa)

    In Episode 033, we deep-dive into the history of one of our favorite bands, U2. To do so, we brought on one of our close friends, and U2-expert, Ryan Nichols (@ryannichols7) to help us out.

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    Episode 031: The Great Curve w/ Kathleen Hinkel

    In Episode 031, we are joined by a close friend, and excellent photographer, Kathleen Hinkel to discuss Phish’s performance of The Great Curve during the Remain In Light Halloween set on 10/31/1996.

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    Episode 030: Virginia Beach Birds

    In Episode 030, we discuss the dreamy and atmospheric version of Birds of a Feather from July 8, 1999 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Only the second ever Type-II version of Birds, the jam leaves the song’s theme after ten-minutes of hose for an ambient section of 99-era bliss jamming.

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    Episode 029: Nassau Piper

    In Episode 029, we celebrate our One-Year-Anniversary, as well as the Twentieth Anniversary of the Island Tour, by focusing on the version of Piper from 04/03/1998 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.

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    Episode 028: Wingsuit w/ RJ Bee

    In Episode 028, we are joined by The Podfather himself, RJ Bee (@RJBee_2), CEO of the Osiris Podcast Network (@osirispod), and co-founder of The Helping Friendly Podcast (@hfpod) to discuss the 10/31/2013 Wingsuit Set.

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    Episode 027: Phish Pandora

    In Episode 027, we turned to Matt Burnham, Wolf Guitar, Jedd Marcus, and Colby Pacheco for inspiration! Through a poll run last month, we were recommended four excellent jams to cover. Rather than focus on each in a single episode, we spun these out into unique mini-playlists, creating thematic Pandora-esque deep-dives.

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    Episode 026: Nassau Tweezer

    In Episode 026, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best jams Phish has ever played: the 02/28/2003 Tweezer from Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. To do so, we’re joined by our good friend, Ben Greenfield.

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    Preview: Osiris Podcast Network w/ RJ Bee

    This week, we were grateful and excited to be a part of the launch of the Osiris Podcast Network! We sat down with the Co-Founder & CEO, RJ Bee, to discuss the origins of the network, what this means for BTP, what to expect from Osiris in the next few months, as well as offered a brief preview of our sister podcasts.

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